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Sample ABO Exam

The Sample ABO exam practice test is the perfect ABO test prep tool

Professor Sample ABO Exam Kit - Hard Copy

Lady Taking the TestThis sample exam is exactly like the National Opticianry Competency Examination (NOCE) better known as simply the ABO Exam.  This is the perfect tool to put yourself in a 'real life' ABO exam experience.  You can now determine how well you are likely to do on the exam.  Then you'll know what areas you need to concentrate on. This is as close to the real thing as you're ever going to get.

Simply make the purchase and you will receive the ABO exam kit in 2 to 5 days via USPS Priority Mail.
You may also purchase the Instant Download version and get the kit immediatley.

This 58 page OptiProfessor Sample ABO Exam Kit includes the following:

- A sample ABO Exam that mirrors the real thing.  This exam consists of 125 multiple choice questions in the proper topic proportions just like the ABO exam.
- An answer sheet that not only gives you the correct answer but also gives you a detailed explanation or a helpful Test Tip for the exam. An excellent study tool.
- A scantron test taking sheet for shading in your answers.  This gives you more of a real life exam taking experience.
- A scantron sheet with the correct answers marked.  You can punch out the shaded answers then quickly and easily grade your exam with a colored marker.

You will answer each question by selecting the most correct answer.  Circle the answer on the question sheet or use the provided scantron answer sheet for a more real life exam experience.  Time yourself.  You are allowed only 2 1/2 hours to complete the ABO exam. You must score at least a 70 to pass.  So, you can miss no more than 37 question.  Afterward, by using the answer sheet with detailed explanations, you can study the areas that you had problems with.

Get the Sample ABO Exam Kit Now Click Here

Free ABO Exam Strategies Report with this purchase:

The OptiProfessor ABO Exam Strategies Report details the strategies you will need to pass the ABO exam. Effective exam taking and preparation strategies can definitely help you score a better grade. The way in which you study has a great deal to do with your ABO exam success; this 16 page report will provide you with techniques that will help you on your way to becoming an ABO Certified Optician.

We tackle some of the tough problems test takers face today.  Test Test Taking Anxiety is very real and effects thousands of exam takers every year.  We can help you overcome that.  Also, studies prove that most ABO exam takers have been out of school for so long that they have forgotten how to study. This report shows you how to study in a way that will dramatically increase your chances of passing your exam.

Report Features:

- Registering for the exam
- ABO exam overview
- Overcome test taking anxiety
- Best way to study and prepare for the exam
- Pitfalls to avoid
- Strategy for taking the exam
- Relaxation techniques
- Test taking time management
- What to do after the exam
- Continuing education and recertification

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