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OptiFlashcard Leitner System

OptiFlashcard Leitner System
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Price: $39.95
Weight: 3.00 lbs
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More than 400 ABO Exam Flashcards.
OptiProfessorOptiProfessor OptiFlashcard Leitner System

The OptiProfessor OptiFlashcard Leitner System is the perfect tool for studying for the National Opticianry Competency Examination (NOCE) better known as simply the ABO Exam.  This system consists of over 400 flashcards, 3 Leitner system boxes and one PD ruler.

The OptiProfessor has spent the last 14 years preparing new opticians to take and pass the ABO exam. This flashcard study system is an accumulation of this experience. The OptiFlashcards consists of more than 400 opticianry questions in the proper topic proportions just like the ABO exam.  There are more than 200 short answer questions and more than 200 multiple choice questions that mirror the questions on the ABO exam.

 sample cards
Sample Cards - Click Image to Enlarge
  • More than 400 Opti Flashcards
  • Questions on the front and answers on the back
  • The exact information required for the ABO Exam
  • 4” x 6” high quality cards
  • Printed on heavy cardstock
  • Answers with explanations
  • Includes helpful Test Tips
  • Three Leitner system boxes
  • Detailed instructions on the Leitner system
  • Concentrates on what you don’t know
  • Most effective way for memorization
  • PD ruler for frame, PD and seg height measurements
  • Portable so you can study on the go
  • Easy to read and understand
  • No complicated explanations
  • No overwhelming technical jargon
  • Helpful illustrations and graphics
  • Tests your PD and seg height measuring
  • Tests your frame measuring

abo study cardsStudies prove that flashcards are the best method for memorization. Opti Flashcards enable you to focus on one bite-sized piece of information at a time. Review the information again and again -- make sure you really know it before you progress. Best of all, with Opti Flashcards, each time you progress, you can quickly and easily review what you just learned to really cement it in your mind.

This flash card study system is based on the Leitner system.  This widely used method to efficiently use flashcards was proposed by the German science popularizer Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s. In his method, known as the Leitner system, flashcards are sorted into groups according to how well you know each one. This is how it works: you try to recall the answer on the back of an Opti Flashcard. If you succeed, you send the card to the next group. But if you fail, you send it back to the first group. Each succeeding group has a longer period of time before you are required to revisit the cards.

Leitner BoxesFor example, with the OptiProfessor Opti Flashcard Leitner

 OptiProfessor OptiFlashcard Users Include:
Essilor Labs of America prof
Transitions Optical
Luxottica Group
Marianas Eye Institute
Coastal Eye Specialists
National Academy of Opticianry
Tyler Junior College Vision Care Technology
Texas Ophthalmic Professionals Scociety
Suffolk Community College Ophthalmic Tech Program
System, you have 3 groups of cards that you will place in one of three boxes called Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3. The cards in Box 1 are the ones that you often make mistakes with, and Box 3 contains the cards that you know very well. You might choose to study the Box 1 cards once a day, Box 2 every 3 days and Box 3 cards every 5 days. If you look at a Group 1 card and get the correct answer, you "promote" it to Box 2. A correct answer with a Box 2 card "promotes" that card to  Box 3. If you make a mistake with a Box 2 or Box 3 card, it gets "demoted" to  Box 1 which forces you to study that card more often.

The advantage of this method is that you can focus on the most difficult flashcards, which remain in the first few groups. The result is, ideally, a reduction in the amount of study time needed.

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